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A merchant ID, also known as a merchant account is a type of bank ID or account that allows a business to accept payments by debit or credit card. Although it is considered a type of “bank” account, the business can choose where the payouts of credit or debit card transactions go. Normally a business bank account is linked to the merchant account. A merchant account also constitutes an agreement between the retailer, the merchant bank/institution supplying the merchant account and the payment processor for the settlement of credit card and/or debit card transactions.

There are so many card processing options on the market today that it can be confusing to pick between them. With us, you get access to all of the best solutions from one card payment service provider and that means you can easily switch if the solution you are on is not working for you or as your business expands.

Card transaction payments are made on the 2nd Business day after the transaction date except if you are renting an expo terminal then it will be the 4th business day. This gives us time to ensure that the money has cleared in our account and been correctly processed to your account.

You will need an Android (version 2.3 or Higher) or IOS device.

Complete our online forms on the Sign Up Page and send them to us along with the relevant FICA Documents. We will take it from there! To process your application normally takes 24-72 hours.

No you do not need to be a registered business to apply with us. We believe in helping small companies and that means sole proprietors. 70% of our customers are small businesses.

No and no penalties either unless you take our PrintPOS rental package. Then a minimum of R15000 turnover must be achieved each month.

Yes but you will need to sign 2 contracts if the bank details on the businesses differ.

As most of our business comes directly from the Exhibition Industry, we are more focused on systems where the cardholder is present at the time of the sale. In cases where E-commerce is incorporated, the risk is much higher for the merchant as there is no paperwork involved with the sale. Contact Us for more information on this as we may be able to advise you on alternatives or our suppliers who do offer this service.

Our payment terminals all accept Visa & Mastercards, however, the Pocket devices only accept PIN or Chip based cards and the Online Terminals only accept cards with an expiry date and CVV. If you would like to accept Amex, Diners, Union Pay, SASSA, Koopkrag, Fleet or other types of cards, we can enable this on our PrintPOS solution and each of these may require additional application time or paperwork to get it loaded on your terminal. 

Once you have completed the sign up process, we will send you logins via email. Our customer portal will show your invoices, statements, transaction history, settlement reports and more.

Transactions fees are determined by your turnover and work on a sliding scale. However, if you are switching from another provider and our sliding scale does not beat the rates you are currently on, we will work out a unique quote to ensure you get the best deal with us.

After you have completed our online contract, we will get in touch to make arrangements for your device to be delivered, usually via overnight courier. +- 1 – 3 working days.

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