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Buy one, get one free holiday season special:

This November: If you are exhibiting at various places over the holiday season, apply for any expo terminal and get a second less costly terminal for free for the same time period. i.e. if you take a mobile machine, you will get a PocketPOS™ rental free or apply for a PocketPOS™ and get the cell terminal free. Ts & Cs Apply

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Newsletter Terms & Conditions
  • This offer is only valid from 12-30 November 2014.
  • Only valid on exhibitions / shows / markets / fairs / mall exhibits happening during the holiday season i.e. from 15 November 2014- 15 January 2015 and not applicable to permanent contracts.
  • The free terminal can only be kept for the duration of the expo time period choosen on the first device's expo rental package but may be used anywhere and does not have to be used at the same exhibition.
  • Each application is subject to approval based on applicant's risk profile.
  • This offer cannot be used to replace existing bookings or invoices.
  • This offer becomes invalid if payment is not received within 10 days of invoice.
  • The discount is only valid on the exhibition rental of a Mobile Machine, PocketPOS™ or Cell Phone Terminal and does not include any cell phone handsets. This offer does not apply to any other type of fees, ie Setup, Delivery, Transactions etc
  • Can only be used within the borders of South Africa.
Mobile Machine
The mobile machine is completely wire-less. No telephone lines or power needed...
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The PocketPOS™ is used in conjunction with a smart phone to process credit and debit cards through an App...
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Cell Terminal
Process credit card transactions on your cell phone through our secure mobile application...
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