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Thermal Printer M58 2 Inch

R1,400.00 Excluding VAT

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Small and compact thermal printer

  • Super compact and lightweight, easy to carry
  • Convenient for paper-loading, use, and maintainance
  • Comes with large rechargeable Lithium battery (7.4V, 2000 mA)
  • 1.2m concrete floor drop test
  • Able to print without battery when connected to external power source
  • Multiple wire and wireless ports available (Bluetooth/USB/Serial port RS232C)
  • Supports client-side program upgrade
  • Equipped with Windows computer driver
  • Provides WM/WinCE/Symbian/Android/IOS system SDK package
  • Print speed:  50mm/s
  • Effective Print Width: 48mm
  • Resolution: 8pt/mm, 384pt/line

Works with MiniPOS, Speed Points and Tab POS(Coming soon)

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