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Want to help your friends get a better deal on their card machine and make some passive income in the process? Then simply sign up and become an affiliate today.

Get R200 in cash for every referral that signs up and a turnover based reward when you become an affiliate

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Terms and Conditions Apply

  • Simply send your affiliate link to your friends or share their details with us through a referral form.
  • The referred customer must be a brand new client, not an existing client who is reconnecting or converting their package with us.
  • The referred client must sign up and pay their first subscription invoice before the commission will be paid to the person who referred them. If they are not going to be paying a monthly subscription fee or have not purchased a device, then the commission will be reduced to R50 per sign up. 
  • The referral must be an individual / person who has not spoken to WAPPoint about signing up or was contacted by means of WAPPoint’s marketing within the past 6 weeks and was therefore brought to WAPPoint by the individual referring them.
  • R200 / R50 (VAT Inclusive) will be paid via EFT to the bank account of the person who referred them once the payment has been received.
  • The person referring them must have an account with WAPPoint (customer, reseller, supplier, agentor affiliate).
  • Once you are an affiliate you can earn transaction fee revenue from your client’s turnovers!

Become a Agent and earn even more recurring revenue

  • If you're working with large groups and want to onboard all of your merchants/users
  • If you want to negotiate a group rate or deal
  • If you require a custom solution
  • If you want to maintain the top level relationship with your merchants i.e. do all of your own support, deliveries and customer care.
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