Need To Accept Card Payments In Your Business?

WAPPoint Speed Point, also refered to as card machine, is the best speed point on the market

WAPPoint Card Machines & Payment Solutions

Shop online and have your card machine delivered within 24-72 hours. No business registration needed!

Looking for a speed point for you business? Then we have the card machine perfect for any business!

Choose the free card machine that’s right for you.

Every business or side hustle is different. With WAPPoint, you have the flexibility to switch between card machines as your business grows or evolves. Get yours for free today.

WAPPoint Tap on phone PhonePOS & Masterpass


R 0
  • No Monthly Fee!
  • Just download our app and dive into trading instantly.
  • Leverage Android NFC Capability effortlessly.
  • Perfect for startups, delivery professionals, bar staff, and more.
  • Transform your phone into a card machine!
  • Seamless integration with mobile apps available.
wappoint pocket pro rental


Free if Turnover >R5000
R 0 or 79
  • 1st Month free!
  • Rent, receive it for free, or opt for outright purchase.
  • Easily pair the device with your smartphone or tablet.
  • Enjoy Free PhonePOS & Masterpass, offering three processing methods in one comprehensive solution.
  • Perfect for startups, market stallholders, salons, sole props and more.
WAPPoint minipos card machine


Free if Turnover >R25000
R 0 or 229
  • 1st Month free!
  • Rent, receive it for free, or opt for outright purchase.
  • Operate via SIM or WIFI Connection
  • Track Sales Data and Inventory with POS or POS Lite
  • Facilitate Cash Back Transactions to reduce the risks associated with cash
  • Capable of Integration with Mobile Applications
printpos blue


Free if Turnover >R45000
R 0 or 299
  • 1st Month free!
  • Rent, receive it for free, or opt for outright purchase.
  • Durable & Capable of Managing Heavy Foot Traffic
  • Sell Airtime, Electricity, Data & other VAS services
  • Track Sales Data and Inventory with POS or POS Lite
  • Capable of Integration with Mobile Applications

Simply send us your FICA documents and we'll have the machine delivered in 1-3 days.

No need to fill in the paperwork or even complete an online shop order. Just WhatsApp 0762454715 or email your documents to us and we’ll take care of the onboarding process for you.

Choose anything like a pocket-sized card machine or speed point card machine to even online payment plugins for your website

Why Choose Us

Dedicated Service

No call centre queues or dealing with different agents every time. Our customer care team are hand picked & highly trained to give you a VIP experience

Add Ons

Our Android card machines come with a suite of optional extra Apps to install. Sell VAS: airtime, data, electricity, bill payments & more or track sales with our POS software

Remote Assistance

24/7 Support and we can fix any technical issues by logging in remotely. That means you can grab a coffee or serve a customer while we get the issue resolved

Rent, Free or Buy

There is a package for every business whether you're just starting out or well established or just need it for an event. Choose to rent, get it for free based on turnover or purchase outright.

30 Day Money Back

If the option chosen doesn't work for you, simply return it within 30 days to get a full refund or we'll swap it out for a more suitable option for your business.

Use Any Bank Account

It doesn't matter where you bank or what type of bank account you choose to receive settlements into. It's also easy to change bank accounts.

Match/Beat Rates

Transactions have a sliding scale based on turnover but if that doesn't beat your existing offering, we will match or beat your rates so you get the best deal.

Get Connected Quickly

If you need it in a hurry or need it for a short term basis like an Event, we can get a card machine to you in record time. Simply sign up online.

Please note we have updated our device name displayed  from Speed Point to PrintPOS Card Machine. These devices are still known as speed points in various terminology, but we refer to our devices a PrintPOS card machine devices as they can be integrated with Point Of Sale software (POS)

wappoint card machine capabilities

What makes ours different? The WAPPoint card payment device is not just another cheap card machine, it is a business tool with endless possibilities!


Choose your Add-Ons


Sell airtime, Data, electricity & more

Our App can vend Airtime | Data | Electricity | Water | Bill Payments | Money Transfers Universal Vouchers | International Content and you earn a commission on every item!


Sell airtime and electricity



Customers can do cash withdrawals in your store. This helps you get rid of the dangers of carrying too much cash and brings feet to your store



Basic Point of Sale Software

A Lite POS software that is easy to use and helps you keep track of daily sales and shows you when your stock is running low. Capture client details and record sales against them. Android App Based Only

Track Sales, Inventory & Customers

Free on PrintPOS & MiniPOS

Point of sale

comprehensive point of sale software

Windows, Cloud or App Based Point of Sale. Create invoices, manage recipes, multiple branches/warehouses, reward loyalty, Hospitality & Xero integration.


Learn More

22+ Years in Card Payments

We may not be the biggest but what you’ll find is we are BIG on service and wouldn’t you rather be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond?

Client Testimonials

“It is very rare to find a company that provides such exceptional service, evidently through carefully thought-out processes that deliver precision. Well done. “
Ultimate Data Sciences Pty Ltd
“Unit arrived with clear instructions, necessary passwords etc. User friendly device, as well as supporting App Notice of Courier collection given in good time. Payment received timeously. All in all a good experience.“
Parktown North Residents Association


Simply select your products from our online shop, send your FICA Documents to our sales team and we will take it from there! To process your application and deliver the device normally takes 24-72 hours.

Transactions fees are determined by your turnover and work on a sliding scale. However, if you are switching from another provider and our sliding scale does not beat the rates you are currently on, we will work out a unique quote to ensure you get the best deal with us. 

Payments are made on the 2nd Business day after the transaction date. If you bank with the same bank as us, you’ll receive the payment on that day, otherwise it will reflect the next day.

There are so many reasons to use us – check them out on but a big one is that our devices can do way more than just card payments. 

  • A copy of your ID / Passport
  • A Proof of address
  • A Bank Statement to show where payments will be made into
  • A company registration document but only if your business is registered, otherwise not applicable

Our packages are extremely flexible and you can chop and change between them. Simply email or call us and we’ll arrange to have it swapped out. That’s the benefit of renting a device.

We operate 24/7 via our 0213000121 number. Our agents are highly trained and depending on the device you have, may even be able to remotely login and fix any issues while you grab a coffee or serve a customer.

Your first month is free and thereafter our software will check your monthly turnover and generate a R0 invoice if you’ve achieved the turnover specified for that particular month and only bill you if you haven’t.

Let us beat your current rates

Average saving = R5000 per year

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Get Connected

If you still have unanswered questions, speak to one of our agents directly

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