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We have partnered with leading companies in the small business finance industry for funding that suits your needs. Apply today with absolutely no commitment and get access to instant cash flow for your business.

Easy cash advance for your business

Fast Application

Get the money reflecting in your bank in 24-48 hours

Flexible Repayments

Repay the loan at a fixed cost and at your own pace

Apply Online

Sign up online. No business plan or extensive docs needed.

How you can use a cash advance to grow your business

Check if you qualify – our obligation free quote will give you instant access to find out what you qualify for.

Market your Brand

Create awareness for your brand or business venture and increase your sales turnover

Buy Stock or Equipment

Maybe you need some new machinery or want to buy inventory in bulk

Expand or Grow In Any Way

Open a new branch or sector or expand into new markets.

Pay Expenses or Anything Else

Use funding when your cash flow is low and you need to pay the bills

Benefits of getting capital via cash advance to fund your business needs​

No collateral required

No need to put up your assets as collateral and in some cases get your spouse to sign off and take responsibility for a loan from a bank or credit unions

No need to get friends and family involved

If you lend money from friends and family, you could end up with a sour relationship if they do not get back what they have invested in your business

No crowd funding required

No need to prepare a business proposal in order to convince the group of people to invest / borrow you the money

Get instant cash

Business funding gives you immediate access to a lump sum of money that can be used to operate or grow your business in whichever way you see fit

No investors / partnerships

No need to give away your equity or partner with someone that could influence your ways of operating and managing your business


How Does It work

Who Can Apply?

* R50k – R10M monthly turnover (Cash, Card/EFT sales)
* 3+ months bank statements
* Business ownership of 6+ months

FICA documents

You will be asked to send basic FICA documents and proof of income for a period

Approved in 24-48 Hours

Get approved on what you can afford and receive instant cash

Apply For Funding

Complete the form below to apply for the amount you need


5 Ways To Get Business Funding

Those who received some sort of business funding during 2020 will tell you that this was a real life-saver to their business and got them through the worst of it but also helped them grow their businesses. A growth mindset can go a long way in obtaining business funding at the right time and if used correctly, can allow your business to grow in various ways.

vendor in front of truck business funding

Frequently Asked Questions

Business owners who do not have a perfect credit rating or collateral to offer are still able to get approved and receive funding. Because our funding is based on affordability and dependent on future turnover, personal credit history is considered, but does not determine affordability the same as when applying for small business loans from banks.

The funding is determined by the asset or the monthly turnover. Our business consultants or online application process can provide you with a no-obligation assessment of your funding opportunities.

Loans apply interest rates, while advances apply a fixed cost. Normally with a loan from the bank, you would require to show a business plan and have a bank account with that bank for a period of time.

After you have completed the form below, you will be contacted with a more in-depth analysis of your requirements and on approval, you can have the funds available in your bank account for immediate use in your business.

You can request that your account be reviewed during that time and you can request your payments to be paused for a period of time.

Get Funding

On submission you will be taken to our funding partner websites to complete the funding application.

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