Comparison of Card Machine and Card Processing Service Providers in South Africa

Compare WAPPoint VS Banks VS Independent Card Machine Services

When comparing card machine merchant services in South Africa, make sure you are aware of all the pros and cons of each supplier. Each card machine merchant service supplier has their own pricing structure and offers a different kind of service. If you are only looking for the lowest priced card machine, keep in mind that with that, comes limited merchant services or valued added extras. A cheap card machine isn’t everything and choosing the wrong one can end up costing you a lot in lost sales.

No matter if you are shopping around for wireless speedpoints or swiping machines, mobile card machines, MPOS or card reader (smartphone card payment app) kind of card terminals or snap and pay solutions, you must always ask these basic service questions before you choose a card processing service provider:

  1. Can I upgrade or downgrade my contract with my card processing service provider?
  2. If my card machine breaks, how fast can I get a new one and what are the procedures?
  3. How much would I have to pay extra for a new card machine if something happens to my old one?
  4. If I am exhibiting at an event and I urgently need another card machine or my speedpoint isn’t working, where can I get a new device or how can I keep accepting card payments?
WAPPoint Banks (Most SA Banks) Independents (Most Non Bank Service Providers) Yoco Card Machine Ikhokha Card Machine
Offers mobile card readers with bluetooth connection
Offers wireless speedpoints to rent or purchase
Offers an eCommerce plugin for online store
Offers MasterPass Snap & Pay
Can beat or match transaction fees
Offers short term or event rental options
Assigns a dedicated Account Manager to your account VS waiting on helpdesk
Backup devices available at events
Offers free backup terminal to clients
Online reporting, client area to view and export transactions, invoices and settlement reports
Get paid in cash for successfully referring your friends
No minimum turnover requirements

Compare WAPPoint VS Online Payment Service Providers


Ecommerce Gateway
R 199 Monthly
  • 2.95% + R1.50 Per Transaction. Rates Flexible on High Turnover


Ecommerce Gateway
R 99 Monthly
  • 3.50% Per Transaction. Rates Flexible on High Turnover


Ecommerce Gateway
R 0 Monthly
  • 3.50% + R2.00 Per Transaction + R8.70 per Payout each time your sales are paid to you


Ecommerce Gateway
R 49 Monthly
  • 2.95% or Lower Per Transaction. Rates Flexible on High Turnover
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