Speed point Card Machine

Process Card Payments on a Wireless Swiping Machine

Rental or Purchase Packages

Transaction fees based on turnover or we will beat your rates when you switch

Speed Point Card Machine Packages

Once you make a selection, complete our hassle free online sign up and we’ll deliver within 1-3 days!

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R 399
  • R95pm Insurance. Single SIM Included. R50pm for additional SIM
  • R200 activation & delivery
  • Tx fees dependent on turnover or we'll beat your current rates
  • Prints electronic receipts & can accept any unusual card types
  • Unlimited swap outs are part of the rental benefits
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No Fixed Contract
R 3899
Once off
  • R50pm per SIM rental. WIFI connectivity coming soon.
  • R200 activation & delivery
  • Tx fees dependent on turnover or we'll beat your current rates
  • 1 year warranty. High quality & built to last.
  • Supports multiple operators and designed for fast paced stores
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Rent for up to 3 weeks
R 399
Per Expo
  • R95 Insurance. We recommend adding an extra SIM for R50 extra
  • R200 activation & delivery
  • Tx fees dependent on turnover or we'll beat your current rates
  • We deliver free backups to most major events
  • We cater for around 500 events per year.

Let us beat your current speed Point rates

Transaction Rate

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Comparison between Card Machine Packages

pocket pro card reader device
verifone speed point card machine with card inserted
Description Card Reader Card Machine
Connectivity Connects via Bluetooth Connects via SIM Card
Requirements Smartphone/Tablet Standalone
Battery Life All Day Battery (Dependent on Usage) All Day Battery (Dependent on Usage)
Charger USB Charging Regular Charger
Tap n Go Enabled Enabled on Selected Devices
Transaction Speed 30 sec -2 Minutes Less than 1 min
Best Suited To Lower Turnover Merchants / Merchants with 1 Operator Higher Turnover Merchants / Merchants with Multiple Operators
Card Types Visa/Master PIN Based Cards Visa, Master by default. Amex / Diners / Fleet etc upon request.

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Rental Vs Buying a Card Machine

You get to decide what’s right for your pocket and your business. Purchasing a card reader or card payment device may seem like the obvious choice but if your card machine breaks outside of warranty, can you afford to buy a new one or pay for the repairs every time? Our rental package allows you to get unlimited replacements!

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