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Tips to Make Sales Online With or Without a Website

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Generate Income While Social Distancing

Tips to Take Your Business Online

Are you a church or similar type of business? Host your church service over Skype or zoom and we’ll help you do your collections via a payment page. You can share this link with the congregation during your sermon and they can pay via card. 

Are you a contractor / tradesman? Plumbers, electricians, dishwasher and washing machine service companies, basically anyone doing house calls to repair things, can ask people to scan and pay for services, without touching cash or cards. We’ll setup a sign with your QR Code sign which you can display to clients or help you integrate a payment page into your invoices. 

Do you offer professional services? Doctors and specialists may be called to do work outside of their usual offices or may need to do house calls. Protect clients from cross contamination by using a card machine with tap and go facility or asking clients to pay via Snap & Pay or by opting for a Payment page integrated into your invoices. 

Do you offer tutoring or entertainment services? Teaching or live entertainment services can now be offered via Skype or Zoom. We’ll setup a simple Payment page where clients can pay by card. Perfect for people who offer fitness classes,  guitar, piano, knitting, cooking, language etc. lessons.

Are you a retail business? Now is the time to start selling your goods online. In fact, many people will be eager to shop from the comfort of their couch and you can take pre-orders and ship your items once the restrictions are over. We’ll help you sell through Facebook or start an ecommerce store.

Do you offer personal services? Hair salons, beauticians etc can opt for doing house calls as clients may be hesitant to sit for hours in a salon that gets a lot of foot traffic. Start thinking about alternative revenue sources like selling products online. We’ll help you setup an ecommerce store payment method. 

Are you a restaurant owner? Why not offer the option for customers to “drive-thru” or if you’re able to, offer a home delivery service. By setting up a quick payment page, you can allow customers to order by phone and pay via a link sms’d to them. We’ll help you setup a quick payment page and advise you on an SMS service that can help you.

Are you an exhibitor / stall holder? Now is your time to make money while you sleep and without all the effort of setting up and breaking down each time! We’ll help you sell through Facebook or setup an ecommerce store within 48 hours!

Choose your online Card Payment Solution

wappoint scan to pay

Masterpass Snap & Pay

How It Works:
Cardholders scan your QR Code image via an App on their smartphone

Online card payment page - Widget

Payment Page Widget

How It Works:
A basic payment page is created and you provide customers with a link to it


Store Payment Gateway

How It Works:
Customers make their purchases through a shopping cart website

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