Turn your Smartphone into a Card Machine

The new way to accept card payments in your business, using just an NFC “Tap” enabled smartphone and the Nedbank Tap on Phone App

Customers simply Tap to Pay…on the back of your smartphone!

Say goodbye to costly card machines


"Tap n Go" makes it easy to transact quickly

Fully Secure

Nedbank has developed the App used for sales

Multiple User

All of your staff can download the App and use it

No Monthly Fees

Once off activation fees & pay as you transact

Nedbank Tap On Phone will transform your business

Seamless card transacting through Tap on Phone

Why purchase a card machine when you already have one in your pocket?

Sign up for a merchant ID

Download the Nedbank App

Start trading in 24-72 hours

Get paid within 2 days

Utilise any bank account

1 Million+

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19 Aug 2021

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9 Dec 2021

How to video

Watch how easy it is to accept card payments on your phone

3 Payment Methods in One App

Tap On Phone


per month

Android Compatible

R200 Activation & Delivery

Accepts Tap Enabled Cards

NFC Smartphone Required

2.75% Per Transaction



per month

Android Compatible

R200 Activation & Delivery

Accepts MasterPass

Any Smartphone Required

2.75% Per Transaction

Pocket POS


per month

*Free if your turnover exceeds R15000 per month

Android & iOS Compatible

R200 Activation & Delivery

Accepts All PIN Based Cards

Any Smartphone Required

Sliding Scale Rates Apply

Our Testimonials

What Our Customers Are Saying About Tap on Phone

"Amazing App and so easy to use! 3 Payment methods in 1."

"Love this app & fast service from WAPPoint. I can use this app without a card machine"

Nedbank "Tap on Phone" just made accepting card payments a whole lot easier

How It Works

Ensure NFC Is Activated

Go to Phone Settings

Login On The App

Supplied by WAPPoint

Select Tap On Phone

Enter the Amount

Tap Chip Card

Back of Phone

Transaction Successful

Generate A Receipt

Grow your business revenue

Never miss a sale

Be in many places at once

No Bluetooth issues

tap on phone card machine

Support and Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cards will I be able to accept?

Nedbank Tap on Phone accepts all contactless Visa and MasterCard transactions, MasterPass accepts QR Code transactions and Pocketpos accepts all PIN based cards. *Please note that all of these come with Visa and MasterCard acceptance by default. Any other card types may require additional paperwork to apply and may take anything from 2 weeks to 2 months to apply for and integrate into your terminal.

How do I check if my phone is compatible?

There are two ways to check.

1. Go to your phone settings and search for NFC. If it comes up, your phone is compatible.

2. Search for your phone on https://www.unitag.io/nfc/is-my-phone-compatible-with-nfc

How to download the app and start using it?

Simply search for the Nedbank Pocketpos App and download it. Sign up with WAPPoint for a merchant ID and wait for your App logins to be sent by email. Start transacting once you can login.

Do I need to bank with Nedbank in order to use this service?

No, you can use any bank account

Why are you still offering a Pocketpos device if Tap on Phone can do transactions without it?

There are many customers who may not have the Tap function enabled on their card so the device is a fail safe for these transactions/customers. Most customers will be able to transact so this is totally optional and can be obtained later on if this becomes a problem in your business.

Can I accept transactions through FNB Pay/Samsung Pay?

Many customers don't carry cards anymore and simply use their FNBPay function or SamsungPay to make purchases. You will be able to accept these card transactions.

What is MasterPass?

Masterpass is a digital wallet App whereby a cardholder can store their card information into a secure banking App. When it's time to make a payment, the cardholder simply opens their App, scans the merchant's QR Code and then a payment is concluded.

Our App will generate a QR Code which they can scan to pay.

Can I print receipts?

No, receipts are electronic and can be sent to the cardholder via SMS or email

What are the application requirements / FICA documents needed?

A copy of ID/Passport, a proof of address, a 3 month bank statement.

If you are a registered business, we'll need a copy of the CIPC docs. You do not have to be a registered business to apply, in fact this service was designed for the start ups / individuals who trade on the go

Can I apply if I have a bad credit record?

If you have valid business history, we can overlook the credit history

Support and Documentation

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27 Jan 2021


How secure are contactless transactions? Read this article to find out more.

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