Affordable load shedding solutions for your business

Several reports now estimate that South Africa will experience severe load shedding for the next two or more years. You need to think smart and find affordable load shedding solutions to keep you up and running during power cuts and not allow load shedding to kill your business.

Learn the truth about our current load shedding situation from an energy expert by listening to this clip found on KFM when they interviewed energy expert Chris Yelland

“Each year, the plant performance is getting worse and worse. So the load shedding we are experiencing is happening more frequently, it’s happening for longer, and it’s happening at higher levels.”

Chris Yelland | Energy Expert

“The reasons for this increase in load shedding are that the existing old plants are getting older, the new plants are performing like the old ones, and there is a delay in getting additional new plants.

We don’t have sufficient new generation capacity coming on stream to replace old plants that are reaching end of life.”

Chris Yelland | Energy Expert


Affordable load shedding solutions:

Power Supply

For many small businesses, the essentials needed to operate the shop or office are normally wifi routers, TV or computer screens, laptop and phone chargers and various other small electrical appliances.

Power banks

An easy solution would be to use a power bank which can be used to charge most small devices like phones and laptops. Here are a few powerful devices found online


These can be plugged directly into your devices like computers and TVs , it gets charged with the grid power and will automatically switch to battery power when load shedding starts. Have a look at a good UPS solution here


These are also popular choices because they can handle large amounts of electricity and can run for an extended period of time. They are attached to an external power supply where you can then plug various electrical devices into it. Here are some powerful devices found online



Keep the lights on when Eskom can’t by ensuring your shop has enough lighting, this is can prevent in-store theft and will ensure your customers can keep shopping.

Battery powered lights

These battery powered lights can be found just about in any store and can work fine if you are a very small store or kiosk, but use rechargeable batteries to save cost on purchasing new batteries each time they go flat.

Rechargeable LED bulbs

A popular solution for most businesses, are these bulbs because they recharge with electricity, as soon as the power goes out the bulbs automatically switch to battery power and most of them can last between 3 – 5 hours. You can find these online here


Point Of Sale (POS)

When looking for a POS system for your store or restaurant, it is important to make sure your system can run offline when there is a power failure.

Why is it important? Well, if you have a working POS system you cannot lose out on a sale plus;

  1. When your system is cloud-based, you can still operate on the POS as normal
  2. You don’t waste time writing out slips
  3. Staff rings up everything as usual and no errors are made or stock goes missing
  4. If customers know you are open for business, then they will always return to you

If you need a POS solution that can do all the above and more, why not give us a call on 0213000121 or check out our solutions online here



Card Machines

With Wifi capabilities

When the grid is offline for more than 2+ hours, keep in mind that the cell towers can run out of battery power as well, meaning you would either need a card machine with dual sim capabilities in order for it to switch to a different network from a different cell tower. If no nearby cell tower is functioning, you will need to look for a card machine that you can link up to your wifi or mobile hotspot.

black printpos urovo

Check out the Black PrintPOS  or Green  PrintPOS devices with wifi capabilities on a rental or purchase package here


Can sell airtime, data, pay bills and various other VAS products & run POS software

Get a dual sim card machine with long battery life to sell much-needed airtime and data to customers who have run out. These devices can also run a cloud-based POS software which can work while offline if no signal is available anymore.


See more info on the Blue Print POS devices here or request a call back from one of our experts here

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