Beat Load Shedding with WAPPoint

According to an article in The South African, load shedding costs our economy an estimated R1 Billion per stage that we are on, per day! That means that stage 1 costs R1 Billion and it goes up to R4 Billion per day on stage 4 load shedding!
Unfortunately, not all business owners are in the position to acquire and install generators so that they can keep their lights on and continue business as usual, and even if they are, it still costs them a small fortune to maintain those generators and keep them going. So how do you continue making money and minimize your losses while the power is out?

1. Opt for a battery powered card machine.

A fully charged device that is used to process transactions every few minutes should last you at least 3 hours. That’s 30min more than our average load shedding time frame so whilst you might not be able to switch your lights on, you can still take card payments! Our PrintPOS or card machine and Pocket Pro solutions offer batteries that should last anything between 3-8 hours during busy trading periods.

2. Opt for a card machine with dual SIM cards.

Cell phone towers have batteries that can last 6-12 hours but they take 12-18 hours to charge. When we have load shedding every 6 hours on the stage 4 schedule this simply is not enough time and before we know it, we are stuck without signal! Nothing that is dependent on that SIM card, including ATMs, are then able to function. Unless you have a Dual SIM device that can switch between networks. Our PrintPOSs /card machines are fitted with an MTN and Vodacom SIM card so when the one network goes down, you simply do a SIM swap to the alternate and continue processing debit and credit card transactions again. It takes only a few minutes and saves you thousands in lost sales!

3. Opt for a card machine service provider that offers backup processing solutions for when a device’s battery is flat.

A Snap and Pay solution is the ideal solution to use when your battery has run out. These options are really simple to use and your clients will love the convenience that they can quickly scan your QR Code signage to make a payment through their cell phone as opposed to going to find an ATM somewhere down the street. Every existing client the option to get a free MasterPass Snap and Pay terminal on request. Simply email [email protected] to request this add on today.

4. Opt for a device that can charge using a power bank.

Forgot to charge your devices? No problem! Our Pocket Pro card readers can be charged via power banks. Not only are they the most affordable debit and credit card facility available but; they are now also the most convenient during load shedding!

5. WAPPoint does not close when there is load shedding.

WAPPoint is a small company and yet, we still keep our promise to be available to you 24/7! Day or night, rain or sunshine, power or no power, we’ve got your back and welcome your call or visit!

WAPPoint is constantly looking for new and innovative technology that we can sell to our clients that is not only affordable but also durable, reliable and necessary in our current economic climate. We keep going and growing and we can do that because we’ve got dependable devices, well thought out backup solutions and an amazing team of dedicated staff that doesn’t leave you hanging so that you can still profit during load shedding when others are not.

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