How to Become the Best in Your Industry

Ask anyone in the world who they would want as their heart surgeon. What do you think they would tell you? It’s pretty obvious… they would say, “I want the best there is”. It is human nature to want the best and as entrepreneurs, we only want the best for our businesses too. Unfortunately reality often prevents this from being possible due to location, cost or knowledge. This month’s blog article is about providing you with the tips and tools to become the best in your industry.

Three Ways to Become the Best with WAPPoint:

Have you met Sandy? She joined WAPPoint last year in order to help her business grow. Watch this short video to meet Sandy.

Her candy store has been doing well and her local clients are loyal to her brand but she does not have the capital to open another store and her current market is saturated. Let’s look at ways in which she can expand her market share and achieve her goals of continued revenue growth.

1.Become a Trusted Advisor:

Sandy could market heavily to her existing client base but that would most probably cause her clients to live an unhealthy lifestyle and have more cavities to fill at the dentist. After a while her client base will shrink as they will either not have the money to continue their current spending patterns or will make a life choice to stay away from sweets.

Instead, Sandy should promote healthy living by exposing her existing client base to industry knowledge that will help them lead healthier lives. Strange … right? No! They will be more satisfied that the company that they are buying from is not out to make a quick buck and this will make them unbelievably loyal to the brand.

2.Get Out of Your Neighbourhood and Go Digital

Most businesses do not grasp how fortunate they are to have an almost unlimited geographic footprint which they can attract in a more cost effective way than ever before. Sandy has been worried about not being online but has no idea of what to do to get her store on the web.

She got in touch with us and found out how simple it is to set up an online store through her hosting service provider or developer and to activate her eCommerce payment gateway for only R99 per month!

The next step for her is to adjust her sales strategy to target the online community and one of the best ways to do this is to incorporate her story with the information in this blog post and to develop sales hooks in order to encourage visitors to take action on her website.

Don’t let this confuse you! The WAPPoint team have found a great presentation to help you get this done.

3.Track Your Progress!

By going digital you lose the tangible aspect of conducting business face to face and as you grow, you may even find that you stop handling your products or making decisions on stock orders or prices. As a business owner, you need to have access to important information wherever you are in order to make important business decisions. Luckily with WAPPoint’s online reporting feature, that won’t be a problem for you! We are one of the only merchant service providers that offers comprehensive transactions reporting on all card payment platforms and this can give you the insight you need. Take a look at these 5 reasons why transaction reporting is important for your business.

Still not convinced that getting your business online is the best option for you right now? Remember that your competitors could already be taking on the global market. Get some more great advice from one of our team members today and Get Connected, Get Paid, Get Growing!

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