One Card Payments Provider For All Your Needs:

All Solutions Under One Roof:

Have you ever had to endure the nightmare of switching your bank account because your current bank does not fulfill your needs anymore? Does your business go through roller coaster profits, meaning you make high turnovers in some months and low turnovers in others? This month we’re letting you know that you don’t need to fear the same troublesome experience with your merchant service as we can help you manage your cashflow and fixed expenses.

The Only Card Payments Provider You’ll Ever Need!

Unlike many similar service providers, WAPPoint is very unique in the sense that we pride ourselves in being able to offer you all the solutions that you may need to accept card payments in your business no matter your size, business model or technical requirements. Big or small, we can provide you with a service that will get you going and we make it incredibly easy for you to change your payment acceptance method as your business needs change. Here are a few examples:

  1. You are a small start up and do not want to carry the costs of buying you’re a card machine outright or hurting your bottom line with high overheads:
    • Get the Payment Pebble™ from WAPPoint
  2. Your business only requires an online presence:
    • Get an e-commerce 3D Secure Payment Gateway to reduce debtors & finalise online purchases quickly.
  3. You are only trading seasonally:
    • Get a WAPPoint Card Machine to use for a short time making use of our expo or month-month contract options.
  4. You are a large retailer or direct selling association:
    • With us you can manage multiple accounts and users on one Online Platform and upgrade or downgrade your service requirements as your needs change throughout the year – you are never tied up in long term contracts!

What Can WAPPoint Offer You?

It all started 16 years ago when the WAPPoint founders were standing in an ordinary convenience store and the owner informed them that he could not accept cards due to the minimum turnover requirements and exorbitant costs imposed by the existing merchant service providers. They undertook the mission to make it possible for all South African business owners to be able to accept payments wherever they are.

What You Need To Know:

The most important thing to remember about WAPPoint Debit and Credit Card Payment Solutions is that we care about your business growth. If you have only been using us for event rentals and need a permanent machine, talk to us and we will help you get connected and get paid with the greatest of ease.

The information above has given you an indication of what we can offer you but did you know that you can add more than one service as need be? We can help you purchase a card machine outright, rent an extra one for a weekend and provide your website with a 3D Secure E-Commerce Payment Gateway!


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