What You Didn’t Know About Raptor Retreat Game Lodge 

Raptor Retreat Game Lodge is an owner-managed game lodge, offering luxurious accommodation and service. Situated in Balule Parsons Nature Reserve which forms part of the Greater Kruger National Park. The chalets offer a home in the heart of the untamed wilderness, who’s hospitality and superior comfort will make you feel right at home.

We spoke to Sharmaine, one of the owners of Raptor Retreat Game Lodge to find out a little bit more about how it started and their journey with WAPPoint thus far. 


Where did the idea for Raptor Retreat Game Lodge come about?

“It was always a dream of ours to have our own bush retreat. My husband Keith Le Roux, and I spent every available opportunity we had in the Kruger National Park for our holidays and weekend breaks. We had a holiday home close to Crocodile Bridge for 12 years and as we were driving through the Kruger Park one day, Keith turned to me and said “How great would it be to take people on game drives and show them what we have experienced?” and so it all began.”

After a very traumatic experience at our home in Edenvale, we decided to take the plunge and realise our dreams. We both had successful companies and Keith’s business was called Raptor Print. Our decision to retreat to a more peaceful and quality life was the inspiration beyond the name Raptor Retreat.

Raptor Retreat Game Lodge was established in 2010 and the rest is history.


How has WAPPoint contributed to the success of the business?


“One of our challenges was where we were located which is about 40km’s from the nearest town. With no natural cell phone signal and no landlines, it was a challenge as to how we would manage to communicate with our potential guests, process deposit payments and settle their outstanding bills on the day of their departure. Once we had solved the issue of cell phone signal by having boosters installed we had to find an easy and affordable payment solution for our lodge and guests. We did some investigation and found that WAPPoint would be our best strategic solution.”

According to Sharmaine, WAPPoint made it so much easier for customers to make secure payments on both cell or WiFi signal and with different device-based options. WAPPoint’s online solutions helped clients book and pay for their accommodations beforehand, as well as on the spot.

“WAPPoint gave our customers ease of mind to process payments and settle their accounts on the spot.”

There are very few card payment service providers offering a one-stop-shop experience (devices and online payments) so a unique business like a venue or accommodation provider would usually need to rely on multiple solutions to get the job done. This prevents them from getting the best rates and best service as turnovers are split amongst many service providers. 

Because we also understand that businesses like these are sometimes seasonal in nature, we offer flexible package choices allowing them  to easily switch between our products as the needs change all year round.

Because of this ease of payment, Raptor Retreat Game Lodge was able to double its turnover in just one year. We offer support to our customers nationwide 24/7, all year round. When Raptor Retreat Game Lodge needs support, they’ve got it, regardless of the area they are located in. Payments are made quickly with ease, and customers can relax and enjoy their stay.


What does the future of Raptor Retreat Game Lodge look like?


Our goal is to be one of the leading speciality lodges in the area. We offer superior accommodation and excellent service at extremely affordable rates. We also aim to make sure we preserve nature for future generations to come and make sure our ecological footprint remains small. We have taken numerous steps to eliminate single-use plastic and be as eco-friendly as we possibly can.

“Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”


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