Sell Airtime, Electricity, Pay Bill Accounts and so much more!

WAPPoint has recently teamed up with Top It Up who has integrated their VAS services (Value-Added-Services) with our latest PrintPOS Pro devices and enables merchants to offer a range of additional services to their customers such as:

  • Sell Airtime & Data
  • Electricity: Municipal & Private Utilities
  • Prepaid Water
  • VOIP: Ikeja, Talk360, 101 Dialer
  • Bill Payments: Money Transfers, Municipalities & General Bills (TV Licences, DSTV, etc)
  • Universal Vouchers: UniPIN, OTT, 1ForYou, BluVoucher
  • International Content: Netflix, Uber, Spotify (and, more to come)
  • International Airtime
all vas service

With these VAS services from our partner, you are provided with the full product range; reporting & functionality that is provided to large Supermarkets & Service Stations. These services bring more feet into your shop for consumers to make payments or purchase VAS products. More feet yields more impulsive buying. These types of services have been most successful in more rural areas where shops are far and between and it just makes life so much easier for customers to pay all their bill accounts, buy their groceries and top up their airtime and electricity all in one place and all with one swipe of their debit or credit card.

About our partner

“Having been in the trade since 2003, Top it Up used to deliver scratch cards to retailers throughout the Western Cape. In 2009, we embarked on a journey to digitise our business and in March 2010 we installed 3 * point-of-sale devices in Southern Suburbs, Cape Town. Within a few months, we integrated Electricity vending into our product offering and expanded our bouquet of services to include Bill Payments such as DSTV & SABC TV Licences and Money Transfers in 2015. Recent years have seen the introduction of International Airtime Top-Ups as well as International Vouchers such as Netflix, Uber, Spotify, etc.”

Innovation is at the core of our business. We spend a significant amount of energy on enhancing our solution for the convenience of retailers & end consumers. And, we’ve got some exciting new products & tools that we’ll be launching throughout 2022.

Top it Up is a 100% Black Owned Company. Our ethos is to employ previously disadvantaged individuals and develop them with in-house training.  We have offices in Cape Town & Johannesburg and service retailers nationally.” – CEO of Top It Up

How It Works:

Through our integrated solution, you’ll simply open the Top It Up App on the card machine and log in with your Cashier PIN. Once you’re at the menu, simply tap the button corresponding with the service you want to vend and follow the screen prompts. When the time comes for the customer to pay, you can select “Cash” or “Card”. If you select card payment, our payment solution will allow you to Tap/Swipe or Insert the card and conclude the sale as you would any other card transaction. Once completed, the airtime / VAS service voucher will print from the device and the customer can load his airtime, electricity, etc. It’s literally that simple. As a retailer, you also earn additional revenue from every item vended.

Sign up for VAS services to be added to your card machine package in order to sell airtime, electricity and have people come to your store to pay bills, send money and withdraw cash. Click here
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