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Are you still unsure whether you should move to WAPPoint or sign up with us? Do yourself a favour and take a look at the feedback from one of our clients. The WAPPoint team would like to say a very big thank you to George Robolakis from Foodzone for the wonderful testimonial! Tell us what makes WAPPoint different by following this link (WAPPoint Feedback)

In the past few months I have being approached by different suppliers and banks for a credit card machine and POS device telling me that they can offer much better rates and much better service. Obviously looking for business. Trying to get me to move my business to them. Out of curiosity I agreed to set up appointments with these people and speak to them.

My first question to them was – where were you 4 years ago when I was in desperate need to rent a PrintPOS for my business. I was so desperate that I would of rented any PrintPOS from any company, or any bank. I did a google search and how to get a PrintPOS and send an e-mail to top searches, and e-mailed each and every bank. WAPPoint called me back in seconds, all I had to do was sign a 2 page contract, pay a deposit and bang a terminal with a shared merchant account could be used the very next day after sending them the signed 2 page contract and paying the deposit. (This was in 2012, I’m not sure what the process is now but back then it was so easy). After I was up and running and using a shared merchant account, and able to accept card payments, WAPPoint gave me a Contract to sign for my own Merchant Account, this took about a month to approve, I then remember thinking had someone from actually returned my call /e-mail would this be how long I would have to wait to get a Merchant Account to accept cards. – Well none of these sales rep could answer this question as to why the never returned my call / e-mail 4 years ago.

Then I sat down with them and listen to what they had to offer me. Even though going directly with the bank the transaction fees and the rental fees are a bit lower, they wanted to charge me a start-up fee of R599 which for me first of all was pointless to pay this. So I said you going to offer me 1% less on my transactions fee and then charge me R599 to start up with you. Also the terminal they offer you will not accept American Express or Diners and you must apply for this by yourself.

With WAPPoint the machine was given you and it accepted all cards and you didn’t have to phone around and sign extra contract with American Express and Diners to accept these cards. Ok – so a downside here is that WAPPoint now no longer deals with American Express Cards and you can’t accept these cards any longer, but they did at a stage and for me as a client of WAPPoint involved no extra paper work. I am sure they have their good reason for not wanting to deal with American Express any longer as this is a problem card all over the world. However you can still accept Diners with WAPPoint and again you can accept this card without filling in extra paper work.

Renting the machine from WAPPoint also has it perks that you fall under the WAPPoint umbrella. You have an account manager a single point of contact that you can contact with your issues and they help you. You don’t need to phone the bank or deal with banks. They do it for you. No one else offer this service for you.

The main selling point that when I told the other agents to take their contracts and leave, was that NONE offered you any sort of insurance, sure WAPPoint charges you insurance fee and the rental is a bit higher but you have the ease of mind that when the machine starts giving your problems and believe me in time they all do – WAPPoint will tell you please come to our offices and bring the machine and we will swop it with a new one. Just like that no fuzz and no 500 questions. NONE offered this service. So you pay R100-00 less maybe R150-00 but should the machine slow down or give you issues (and trust me after a year it does and NONE of these reps were willing to offer me any kind of swop out insurance.

Another bonus is that I needed an extra PrintPOS for a limited basis, I did not need a long term contract for the second rental and WAPPoint was able to assist me with this and no other company or bank would be able to assist with this.

Another bonus is WAPPoint takes the transaction fees daily when they pay you, so say your batch pay-out is R 211.50 all transactions they will deposit R204.39 in your account and not wait till the end of the month and take R3000.00 all in one go for transaction fees , this really helps a lot for month end cash flows. Other agents said they cannot do this service for you and you must pay off once at the end of the month.

At the end of the day, I told them all that I am very happy with WAPPoint and see no reason to change. (besides not being able to accept Amex Cards – WAPPoint is really the best offer that I have come across and told the rest that I have no desire to change as I get way more from a service side of view then what they can offer me .

Thank-you WAPPoint for providing this service, and very well done to
you guys.

George Robolakis
FOODZONE – Creta and Hurlyvale


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