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If you google the term “how to start trading online” or “how to build a website”, you are bound to confuse the regular Joe who simply wants to put a business together and sell his products online. It’s rather overwhelming and the costs quickly begin to add as you work through the process. So we took it upon ourselves to look within our customer base and help you find a regular Joe like yourselves (meaning someone with no technical or web designer abilities) to help you through this process. Marelize Appelcryn has multiple successful businesses, a herbal products business that is very popular among health shops, a roof painting business, a farm with 4×4 and camp facilitation services and Business Boom, a company that helps entrepreneurs through the stressful process of starting up or building a website that actually generates sales. And better yet, she makes the process EASY with great instructional videos.

So, tell us, where did it all begin?

Marelize Appelcryn, founded Business Boom out of pure frustration for the learning curve a business owner had to undergo in order to get their products online. Most people simply do not have the necessary skills to build a website and market it properly and subsequently give up on their business ideas purely because the costs of hiring web designers, graphic artists or SEO and PPC experts were just too expensive, especially in the start-up phase.
Having started many businesses over the years, I then decided to use my knowledge that I had gained over the years and educate people via videos that cover many basic aspects of starting a business and taking a business online. This course includes registering a domain and getting an email address, creating a conversion based website, building landing pages, attracting visitors and working with Google Ads, creating videos about your product or offer, getting an eCommerce store going and automating your sales funnel.

Too many people focus on the prettiness of the website and sure you can use beautiful templates to help you with design but many get lost there when really it is all about the sales your business/website generates. Once your business has boomed and you can afford to make improvements, you can hire a specialist to prettify it but really, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

What does Business Boom look like today?

We’re ever expanding our courses and options. My businesses are always changing and growing just like everyone else’s so to stay ahead you always have to commit to learning new things. As I am learning, I am applying my teachings to the online courses we offer.

How has WAPPoint contributed to the success of the business?

WAPPoint has helped me not only in Business Boom but also in my other businesses to accept payments in various forms. My Business Boom site has a built in payment gateway that allows me to capture sales and gain commitment from clients as they are subscribing to my courses. I also use their payment gateway invoice integration services in various of my businesses and our farm tuckshop and reception areas use a Pocket Pro device. Having WAPPoint to help with all my businesses, really makes my recon and accounting process that much easier and because I have so many businesses with them, I was able to negotiate a group deal on my fees.

What does the future look like for Business Boom?

I would really like to help more entrepreneurs get their businesses going. Our economy could certainly use more job creation and at a time like this, I think more and more businesses will be looking for ways to generate income from home. If I can just make people realise how easy this process really is and that you don’t need a ton of money to get the job done effectively, then I have achieved what I set out to do. We also offer comprehensive solutions to do everything for a fraction of the price that you would pay to most designers or gurus so I am hoping that business owners will allow us to help them gain success and generate revenue in this time as opposed to giving up on their businesses. Afterall, no business is easy but a business has the potential for making you way more income than any 8-5 pm job.

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