Covid-19 Business Action Plan

As if load shedding wasn’t enough, South Africans are now faced with serious business concerns about how they will continue to thrive during such difficult economic times. Luckily, if we all stick to our social distancing, it should all be over soon. Think about this time as a time to recoup and tackle some things that can have a long-term positive effect on your business. Get creative! Here are some ideas on how you can get your business to grow through this Corona Virus crisis:

1. Start selling online

Product Based Businesses: It’s likely that whilst many are sitting at home, without entertaining themselves outdoors, their usual shopping and outings will need to happen from the comfort of their couch. Now is the time to get your Facebook page going and turn it into a full-fledged online store or simply add your products to Facebook Marketplace and start selling! Restaurants could also look into joining apps like UberEats or Mr Delivery.

Service-Based Businesses: Do you usually see your customers face-to-face? If it makes sense to do so, set up your appointments over Skype or Zoom?

We can help you set up a quick online payment service to take a card payment from clients through Facebook, add a payment option to your invoices or even send clients a payment link via WhatsApp! Get in touch with us

2. Think about how you can setup recurring revenue streams

Product Based Businesses: Customers love convenience so why not offer to send your clients a monthly package with their favourite goodies? Monthly box subscriptions are really taking off overseas, and it’s about time businesses jumped on board here in South Africa.

Service-Based Businesses: If you’re offering services to clients on a regular basis, why not use this time to set up a CRM that allows you to store client info and create recurring appointments to remind them to visit your business. For example, if you are a dentist, you could remind clients to visit every 6 months or if you own a doggy parlour, set up a 6 week schedule that reminds owners to bring in their pooches. By doing this, you’ll ensure that your revenue becomes more constant and clients will appreciate your efficiency in the future.

3. Work smart, not hard

If you’re a parent of young children, working is going to be your biggest challenge while all schools are closed. Each evening when the kids are in bed, set yourself 3 goals for the following day. These goals will help you achieve the most important items each day and they don’t need to be hour-long tasks. Sometimes a 5-minute task can actually achieve the most. Some examples to think about are:

a) What will drive the most customers to your business / what focuses on keeping existing clients happy?
b) What will drive the most revenue for your business?
c) What will keep your employees productive / keep cash flow in your business?

Everything else can take a backseat for a while.

4. Work Remotely 

If you get sick, you won’t be able to get anything done so the most important thing to focus on right now is sticking to the social distances you’re able to. If you can set up remote working, we suggest focusing on having a good internet connection, tools to help you sell online and tools to see customers face-to-face without being out in the world. Why not try Facebook marketplace or Takealot to advertise your products?

5. Protect yourself & your customers

If you have to work in the outside world each day, get gloves, face masks, hand soaps, hand sanitiser, wipes and most importantly toilet paper! Just kidding on the last one. But seriously, if you are prepared, customers will be more likely to continue doing business with you. Here are some things to consider:

a) Make house calls or opt for delivery options instead of having customers come to you. As an example hairdressers could make house calls during this time.

b) Don’t share pens wherever possible, if a client has to sign something, ask them if they have their own pen or wipe your pen before and after each customer
c) Get “Tap and Go” on your card machine or learn how to use it if you have it already. Card machines are germ havens. That’s why every card machine delivered by us is “Tap and Go” enabled and is being disinfected like crazy.


d) Stay away from cash wherever possible. If you can go cashless, now is the time! Have a look at some free online payment portals.

It feels like the end of the world now but remember, when one door closes, another opens so a loss right now could turn into major profits if you use your time of solitude wisely!

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