Maximise Your Black Friday Sales With These Great Ideas

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. South Africans nationwide are getting ready to swipe their cards on all kinds of fantastic deals. In fact, according to PWC, card transactions doubled the daily average on Black Friday back in 2017 and each year this shopping spree event is growing in popularity.

But has your business thought about how to capitalise on this spending frenzy? Here are some great ideas on how to maximise your Black Friday sales:

Hourly Sales

Hourly sales have enormous potential to boost your sales. Announce your sales over the intercom or social media during the day and ensure you inform customers beforehand of some of the promotions that will happen that day, but keep it secret when the sales will happen in order to get hourly traffic in-store, on your website, or social media platform where you are selling on.

Free Black Friday giveaways

At any random time or after a certain number of sales, you can give away a free gift to one of your customers with a purchase on the day. This also goes great with the hourly sales if you want to combine these.  You can also set a minimum amount that must be spent per customer or in total before a client can qualify for a gift.

Presentation is important

Make sure your specials and promotions are noticeable in-store and online for people to easily see what you have to offer on that day as they might want to be in and out to get the deal in order to go to the next sale. You can set up display items in your windows of the low prices and items, but let people walk past other items of great price or value in order to get to the special deal, they might get tempted to buy other items as they are in a buying mode that day.

Give early access

To some, the thought of queuing or getting kicked out of websites could make them avoid Black Friday altogether. Why not create a campaign that gives your customers early access to Black Friday? Unique voucher codes could give an exclusive impression with early access to Black Friday. Your customers can avoid the queues or site crashing, and you can receive loads more sales before the day.

In fact, one of the easiest ways to hold a huge one-day-only sale is to create vouchers that can only be used on the day. If customers want to participate in Black Friday, they will need to purchase the vouchers to do so. Bonus; this will also help you manage and predict your stock amount as well as avoid too many visitors on your site.

You could also create a gifting campaign that runs before Black Friday, as well as on the day. Give your customers the option to buy Black Friday vouchers to exclusively cash in on the day. This way, you’ll be able to increase your reach, and sales prior to Black Friday, and on the day.

Gift others

We all know someone that loves Black Friday. Why not create a campaign geared toward that thought alone?

Allow your customers to buy gift vouchers that they can send to their friends, family or someone in need. Now, they’ll have even more money to spend on the Friday deals.

The only thing that’s better than a great sale, is an added gift voucher on top of that deal.

Final touches

Once you’ve successfully implemented one of the above-mentioned campaigns, don’t forget to communicate this with your shoppers through an email campaign, social media and in-store.

Think about how you can include this in your newsletters, social media channels, or even run paid ads. There are a number of different tools you can use such as MailChimp and Canva to create these campaigns in the easiest of ways.

We hope that you’ve found this helpful and that you can join the many South African business owners joining in on Black Friday to give their customers more value.

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