Top 10 Travel Apps For Business Trips

Best travel apps to put your office in your pocket, arrange transport, find meeting places, translation and accommodation.

It can sometimes be daunting when leaving the office to go on a business trip because there is so much work still to be done and perhaps you had to leave in a rush and could not hand over all your work to your colleague in time. Here are some of the best tried and tested travel apps that will leave your mind at ease as you will have your office in your pocket and everything you need in terms of transport, meeting places, translation and accommodation can easily be accessed and arranged.

Google Translate
The easiest and most popular free language App.

This App can translate 103 different languages, by typing the text into your phone. You can ask someone to type in what they are saying to you or you can type in a sign you want to read or understand.
59 Languages can be downloaded for offline access when you don’t have an internet connection, and 38 languages can be translated by just pointing your phone’s camera at a street sign or restaurant menu.

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Google Drive
Work from anywhere and have access to all your work files which you can share with your colleagues.

No need to fill your laptop with big files or carry a hard drive with you everywhere. You can make live changes in presentations, documents and spreadsheets, and is invaluable to business travelers. Access any file you need and work on it in collaboration with your colleagues, no matter where you are and if you’re working on a laptop or a phone!


See what other people are saying about the places you are visiting.

This app will show you reviews, suggestions, transparency, and star ratings of nearly any and all places

TripAdvisor is a great way to explore the area in a new city. It’s simple and easy to use and adds great value to your travels.

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Microsoft Teams

Keep in touch with customers and your team.

Stay in contact with your team in the office through Teams video calls and document sharing. Work on documents and presentations together, voice message or facetime your co-workers or clients.

Don’t miss any meetings when you sync your calendar with Teams and get notified ahead of time to prepare for the meeting.

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Nedbank PocketPOS™

Accept card payments using your phone on the go with Tap On Phone or Masterpass QR code.

If you are taking bookings, orders or selling a product/service during your trip it’s helpful to be able to take the customer’s payment there and then to seal the deal.

You don’t need to carry a card machine around for that, just download the Nedbank PocketPOS™ app and accept card payments with your Android phone!

You can sign up with WAPPoint at no monthly cost and start accepting payments in 24 hours! We will ink the app to your bank and send you your own login details for this free app. SIGN UP IN 5 MIN

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how tap on phone works


Book accommodation and local experiences

When availability is hard to find or a hotel is not ideal, choosing from Airbnb’s wide selection of homes and rooms could really save your trip. Apart from accommodation, Airbnb also offers a variety of ways to explore the local area. Let friendly locals show you around through city tours, food-tasting, and workshops. It’s one of the best apps to use if you’re thinking of exploring the city and combining business with sightseeing!

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Scan a card is the new business card

No need to carry around other people’s business cards anymore, just capture a lead or customer details at a conference or meeting in seconds. Scan the cards with your camera and it will pick up all the important details. The scanned contacts with then connect directly to your CRM, making it easy to input details in less than a minute and saving you time and effort to manually capture the details afterward.

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Living the digital nomad life on the road

With Workform you can search any city for the best coffee shops and shared work spaces for remote workers, catering to the growing force of freelancers, and digital nomads. Good food, fast Wi-Fi, and cool people.

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Community language learning

This award-winning app allows you to learn up to 13 languages in an engaging and progressive way with real-world applications of the language. The most engaging factor is the community aspect where you write and speak with native speakers and have them correct your translation.

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Flight updates and airport guides

Flio is a great travel companion that will keep you updated in real-time on flight info, including delays, gate changes, boarding times and more. Thanks to the app’s interactive airport guides you can easily view gate locations, shops, food options, transportation, and terminal maps.

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