Why WAPPoint Point Of Sale Is Perfect For Tavern Owners

WAPPoint Point of Sale is a Retail and Hospitality management tool designed to help restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, resorts and retail stores manage orders, inventories, menus and more. It enables businesses to process online payments, integrates with top-of-the-range accounting platforms (Xero) and optimizes stock levels on a unified platform.
With a Point of Sale system being used in big restaurants and retail stores, it is worth considering implementing this software for smaller businesses like first-time Tavern Owners. Speaking from an ex–tavern owner’s perspective,(myself) easy-to-use Point Of Sale software is what Tavern Owners need and that is exactly what WAPPoint offers;

1. WAPPoint Point Of Sale is easy to download and install.

The App can be downloaded from the Play Store and with step-by-step guidance to complete the installation, a few minutes is all it takes before you are up and running.
When using the desktop version, we will send you a welcoming email containing a zip file, product brochures and links to step-by-step user guides on how to use the Point of Sale. Most first-time tavern owners do not have any experience with Point of Sale software, so with the easy installation process, they will quickly see why this is the software for them.

2. Increase your Customer Loyalty.

Especially in Taverns where the return of bottles is key, you can set up your loyalty system in such a manner that every time a client brings back an empty bottle, they can earn points that accumulates up to a certain number and when that number is reached, the client receives a free meal or beers or whatever you set up in the system.
Our customers want to know that they are appreciated, seen and respected. With our loyalty system, you can be sure that they will keep coming back.

3. Security that you can trust.

Taverns might not have a lot of employees working on a shift, but there will be a manager or owner and the servers who tend to the clients on the floor. All of these guys will have to have a different level of security when using the POS. As you are adding a new user, you can add their levels of access on the same page. Adjusting existing employees’ settings is just as easy. On the Desktop version of the POS, the user security can be copied form one user to another. This works great when welcoming more than one or two new staff members to your business.

4. Accurate reporting.

Track your cash ups, stock movements, re-ordering of stock simplified and gross profit calculations.
With WAPPoint’s ease of use, reporting becomes a breeze. WAPPoint’s management tool enables the user to track and reconcile staff members ‘activities and cash ups. Reducing the risk of monetary interdependencies. Furthermore, WAPPoint’s stock control module will assist in the recording, rotating and displacement of stock. The gross profit calculations ensure that maximum profit potential is at the forefront of pricing.

5. Cloud Based

We are all used to a little phenomenon called Load Shedding. Nothing is more frustrating than losing all of your work (ask any grade 10 learner) With WAPPoint all of your transactions, sales and stock counts are synced to the cloud (a place where load shedding does not exist). WAPPoint guarantees that all of your progress and hard work is saved off-site.
Cloud-based technology has been around for a while now and is seen as the industry standard. Say goodbye to expensive on-site server hardware and hallo WAPPoint!

Find out more about WAPPoint Point Of Sale (POS) Software here

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