9 Reasons why more businesses are using “high-end” PrintPOSs

As consumers, we’re all familiar with the different PrintPOSs on the market and we know they look a little different from one another but did you know they all function differently too? Not every card machine can do the same job and this is why different retailers make use of different ones instead of just opting for the cheapest one.

Here is a list of unique services and capabilities offered by the more high-end WAPPoint PrintPOSs, suited to your business needs:

  1. Most PrintPOSs only accept Visa and Master cards. Ours can accept American Express Cards, Diners Cards & Union Pay Cards
  2. Our devices can be set up to accept fleet/fuel cards *(Turnover of R50 000 or more required)
  3. Most retailers use a separate device to handle VAS. With us, you can add VAS (value-added services) onto your device to sell airtime and electricity, pay bill accounts, send money and so much more!
  4. Most retailers with an ATM in store use a separate ATM teller in their store. Our devices can do cashback and cash withdrawal services.
  5. Few card machines allow you to add waiter/cashier codes for the easy tip and cash-up capabilities. We offer this.
  6. Connectivity may be intermittent depending on the SIMs your provider uses and if they offer connectivity for free, you have to question how the vast number of users on the network is going to affect it. It’s important to go with a trusted connectivity service where downtime is minimal and backup options are available e.g. a second SIM
  7. Our new Android card machines have the ability to integrate with POS (point of sale) software and we’re launching our very own Point of sale solution within the next month or two.
  8. Our android card machines can be repaired via Anydesk remotely: You just call in, and we connect and fix your device while you grab a coffee or serve a customer
  9. Android devices come with endless possibilities. Now offering integration with other android appstalk to us to find out more

Apart from the above, choosing the right provider for this service is crucial. If you don’t get hold of their helpdesk or struggle with a lot of device-related issues and end up waiting days for swap-outs, you’re probably losing a ton of sales.

Over the last 21 years, WAPPoint has expanded, improved, and reinvented its product range and services to be able to accommodate each and every type of business out there. We literally have every payment solution on the market! With that being said, we strive to offer a quality solution with all the bells and whistles rather than being the cheapest card machine provider.

No matter what kind of business you have, we have everything under one roof, with great customisable rates and services and now, we also have customisable devices to ensure you have everything you need to succeed and grow your business!

Find out more about why our services are different from the rest – Why Choose Us?

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