Why Exhibitors Need a WAPPoint Card Payment Machine

Have you been wondering whether you should get a mobile card payment terminal for your exhibitions? Here are some great reasons why more exhibitors are making use of card machines:

Studies have shown that there has been a steady increase in the amount of card payments made by customers in recent years and a significant decrease in the amount of cash that customers keep on their person.You will find that by accepting card payments at an exhibition you are not only increasing convenience for your customer, but also for yourself.

You will be less likely to lose sales should customers not have the adequate funds in cash especially when you have special offers that lead to impulse purchases. Customers who leave your stand to draw money may not return as another stand may draw their attention away from the intended purchase. WAPPoint offers specialised exhibition packages that allow you to rent a device for the period of the event only with no extended contract period.

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One of the greatest benefits of having a mobile credit card facility at an exhibition is that, as mentioned above, customers are more inclined to make impulse buying decisions when they can pay by card. More so, they have the option to put an expensive purchase on a budget facility.

Trust is a vital aspect between a customer and a retailer, not only in the product that is being purchased but also in the transaction itself. To offer a card payment facility has become, in the minds of customers, a given as they have come to expect this service to be available everywhere. Offering multiple payment options allows a business to appear professional, trustworthy and modern.

Immediate Transactions:
Often with some retail and mostly trade shows, it is difficult to commit to large sales. With the option of paying a deposit during the exhibition, leads generated become fixed and are more likely to turn into sales in the future.

WAPPoint offers in depth reporting on all transactions processed via one of our terminals and this has the ability to simplify a business’ bookkeeping significantly as you can view your invoices, statements and transaction history online.

Time is scarce and time is money. This is very true for exhibitors. With a WAPPoint card payment facility at your stand, more time can be spent focussing on interacting with potential customers rather than trying to identify previous payment issues. By using a card payment terminal you may reduce human error and could potentially turn your daily cash up into less of a nightmare.

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We hope this article has helped clarify the benefits of having a card payment terminal as an exhibitor. Lastly, take a look at some of the reasons why you should get connected with WAPPoint:

1. We deliver nationwide, at expos or an address of your choosing.
2. Sign Up Online, hassle free, and get connected within 24-72 hours.
3. Technical support is only a phone call away with our 24/7 hotline.
4. There are no minimum turnover requirements and you don’t need to be a registered business.
5. Various offerings to suit your budget and requirements.
6. We offer our customers a comprehensive online based reporting platform where merchants can conveniently view their invoices, statements and transaction lists in order to effectively recon monthly sales.

The WAPPoint (Pty) Ltd team’s 100% Service Driven attitude and many years of industry experience will help you take your business where it’s never been before. Make the right choice and join WAPPoint today!


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