How to get a card machine for your business

It’s fairly fast and simple to get a card machine for your business. Here is what you need to know and what procedures are involved.
To apply online takes less than 10 minutes and you can have your device delivered in 1 – 3 working days.

What you need to apply for a card machine in South Africa:

You do not need to be a registered business, you can apply as an individual.

  1.  South African ID or passport
    a. If you are a foreigner, we will need a copy of your work permit and visa.
  2. South African bank account
  3. Proof of address that is in your name or your company name.
    a. If you do not have a valid proof of address, we will gladly assist you and explain what can be used as substitute documents.
  4. Company Registration and/or Certificates and/or Licences for your business type (if applicable)

How do I go about getting my card machine?

1. Sign up here www.wappoint/sign-up to have us call you or be directed to the full pricing page or view all the products in our online shop
2. Select the package that suits your needs
3. You will be directed to that product’s contract page and complete it with your basic information and delivery address.
4. Once you have submitted your info, you will get an email requesting the below-mentioned FICA documents:
a. Colour copy of your ID
b. 3 Month bank statement
c. Proof of address
d. Business Registration (if your business is registered) or any other relevant documents if needed
5. After we have received all the documents and your credit check has been approved, your device will be set up and couriered to your delivery address in 1 – 3 working days.

Worried about judgments on your name?

Give us a call on 021 3000121 and feel free to speak to us about any judgments or outstanding debt on your name and we can assess the financial situation and advise you on how to go about getting a card machine for your business.

Easily Apply for a WAPPoint Card Machine

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